Allan Evans

Allan Evans

Out of Time tells the story of Drew Evans, a police officer in one of St. Paul’s worst gang-infested precincts who recovers a device that allows him to travel through time. Presented with an opportunity like no other, Drew makes the decision to use the device to visit his father—who died when Drew was young—back in 1947 Chicago, just as he was getting his big break at the new Jazz Ltd nightclub. Of course things never go as planned—that Murphy guy got it right—and when Drew interferes with a robbery, it causes the Chicago mob to have a newfound interest in the club. Now, caught in the middle and facing near insurmountable odds, Drew chooses to bring his by-the-book partner back to make things right. Drew must use their experience with combating gangs to force the Chicago mob away from the club and save his father’s future—while risking the opportunity to re-connect with his father. Out of Time is a novel looking for a literary agent.

The son of the real-life Doc Evans, Allan has written professionally in advertising and marketing for the last decade.

A licensed soccer coach, he can usually be found on the soccer field.

Allan lives in Woodbury, Minnesota.

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